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Far Infrared Healing Clothes

Now you can enjoy health and beautiful look in everyday life. Transform any clothes into  far infrared healing clothes  and forget about expensive beauty treatments. Far infrared rays emitted from healing clothes will return the health and vitality of your body. Slimming, detoxification, regeneration and pain relief are just a few of the many advantages of wearing far infrared healing clothes.


Far infrared functional spray coating for textile modification

Attach Far Infrared Rays into your clothes - Far Infrared Spray Coating for clothes

By implementation of newest technology we have developed line of far infrared spray coatings for textiles, for easy DIY use. After application and drying, your clothes will constantly emit far infrared rays with a wavelength of  8 ~ 15μm; the most beneficial spectrum range for human health research by NASA. Spray coating characterizes high resistance to washing. Far infrared effect lasts up to 50 washing cycles.

It is the first worldwide spray coating technology that can convert any textiles clothes into therapeutic far infrared clothes. Specially design for easy do it yourself (DIY) application. It also can be applied on the bed mattress, duvet, pillows, blankets and anything made from textile. Just shake the bottle and spray on the chosen fabric clothes. Leave for drying.

Sun Far Infrared Light the Healing Energy 

The sunlight was considered healthy since ancient times, one of the important reasons is because the sunlight contains far infrared spectrum. The Far Infrared Frequencies can activate the function of our body to achieve variety of health effects such as:

  • Improves Digestive Problems,
  • Normalizes Blood Pressure,
  • Enhances Immune System,
  • Influences Ideal Weight and Cellulite Control,
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation,
  • Speeds up Healing Process, and many more.

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